Rainy Nights and Dark Days

Hopes to be noticed as a writer


I'm extremely proud of myself right now.


Writing update

My sister gave me a different title for Stained, and I wanted to you guys' opinion.

Writing update

Had a dream about a new book: Little Red Riding Hood retelling. I can't start this one yet cause of my first two books, so holding onto it for now.

Writing update

Alright, I've started posting my first book on Wattpad, the first five chapters are available. I update every Sunday, and this Sunday there will be five updates.

I hate this scene

'Nuff said

So close

I'm really dreading finishing my first book cause...revising/editing. I know I have to, I'm just not prepared for how to go about it or the train wreck that's the first few chapters.  Does anyone have methods for editing?


Since we left earlier than I expected, the snippets will be up when I head home.

Writing update

I am going out of town next week, but before I pack I will post a different snippet from my first book and one from my second. Look out for those if you're interested and stay lovely.

Writing update

I started a new book called, "In the Dark of the Night." its in its first few chapters stage, but I will give a small rundown. Set in Edinburgh, England, a dectective, Alexis Luther, must watch over her girlfriend, Atsuko... Continue Reading →

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