Rainy Nights and Dark Days

Hopes to be noticed as a writer




I know I've been silent, however, I have great news! The ebook for Stained, Unbroken will be available for preorder on May 1st! The paperback will be available on May 18th aka the release date! Thank you all so much... Continue Reading →


4 months

In May, Stained, Unbroken will be released as my debut and I'll be graduating! I'm really excited and hope this helps with college applications. Also, I am currently looking for beta readers for the second edit of Stained, Unbroken! Beta reader... Continue Reading →

Sneak peek

Just a small look at the sequel for In the Dark of the Night

My website is up!

I finally, finally got my website out in the world. I used since I'm on a budget and it was easy to use. I'm two steps closer to having Stained, Unbroken published and In the Dark of the Night is... Continue Reading →


Think I finally figured out something for Stained, Unbroken. Just a test drive, honestly, to see if people are interested based on the synopsis alone. Stained, Unbroken will hopefully be released this year. If you have any questions please ask... Continue Reading →

Good news!

Stained, Unbroken may be available for purchase some time this year! I was originally going to see if I could go traditional but I ended up having a project about how to write a book and here we are. I'm... Continue Reading →

Writing update

I really hate going back on my word, so instead of a snippet you guys get a link to the first draft of my book: Stained, Unbroken The first draft of my second book is being uploaded as well, make sure... Continue Reading →

Writing update

With my first book resting until I edit, I really want to start my retelling or something new. Anyone have ideas?

Writing update

Stained, Unbroken is finally finished! Well, the first draft anyway. I think this is the first time I've been excited to edit anything.

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