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January 2018

Reblog if it’s okay for people to come into your askbox and ask about your OCs

notapaladin:Even if I’ve never spoken to them, even if I don’t know them from a hole in the wall, even if they’re on anon, people asking questions about my OCs make my day.


fortunatelylovelytyrant: I seriously hope I make people happy with what I write.


carjohnson: Is here!!! That’s right, Stained, Unbroken Sunday is today! I’m extremely excited to answer all you guys’ question.

thehonestauthor: When that great dream turns into a great story idea:

Sneak Peak Thursday 7

Y’all are gettin fluff today.Bryce coughed, grabbing his phone as it vibrated. He sat on the bed, waiting for the person to speak.They didn’t. He sighed, saying, “What now?”“I need help, shirt’s being stupid,”Bryce looked at Blake’s dilemma. A small... Continue Reading →

carjohnson: Writing goals for January/FebruaryThis one will be shorter since I’m in school right now but hey, goals are goals.1. Find new betasThis one’s pretty simple since I have a sign up sheet that I’m reblogging pretty regularly2. Start second... Continue Reading →

Beta Reading sign up

carjohnson: @blaque-ink {Adult fiction. Contemporary romance} A single father. An artist. A victim. Those were a few words to describe Bryce Ackerman. When his son is failing a class, Bryce has no choice but to get involved. A teacher. An... Continue Reading →

Sneak peek Thursday 6

Nicolette stretched, getting into her car and heading home. Her phone rang just as she stepped through the front door.“Hey, ma,” she said, setting her purse on the counter.“Hey, you know your daddy tried to get a call right?” her... Continue Reading →

Red Like Roses

fortunatelylovelytyrant: A/N: Here have something original I did for a scholarship. It was actually a lot of fun to write and my first crack at magic stuff. Roses were a staple of the royal family. Something to be loved and... Continue Reading →

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