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September 2016

Crooked Kingdom review (spoiler free)

So, I just finished reading it and I'm just really restless. I loved all parts and I almost cried at the end of part 4 in my U.S. History class. Ya gotta read this book because the development is so... Continue Reading →


Crooked Kingdom views

I got to part 3 and I am not okay, so happy to have it in my hands though.

Writing update

I've gotten so far, and I'm so proud. On a side note, Crooked Kingdom comes out tomorrow.

Crooked Kingdom is coming

In 8 days, mark your calendars. It's time to suffer.

Working Titles

I don't have many, but one I was fond of didn't work out well in my personal group. However, I'd love you guys' opinion so please tell me which title you'd prefer. Title A: Stained: One man's journey to a... Continue Reading →


Okay, so this is my first time having a Twitter. Noted it might take me awhile to get used to it. If you want to follow me there then go ahead.

Synopsis WIP

After meeting his son's teacher, Bryce can't seem to let him go even after Matthew's mother comes back.  **Clearly not my best, but that's what WIPs are for. Naturally, I'll try again once I actually finish my manuscript.

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