Rainy Nights and Dark Days

Hopes to be noticed as a writer


August 2016

Writing update 2

Okay, so I put in my working title and I don't like it anymore. Maybe it's because my plot isn't really fleshed out. I will post a WIP synopsis later on to see if it goes with the title. If... Continue Reading →



Bryce cleared his throat, looking at the canvas and glancing at the model perched on the block, her hair braided with her back to him as a shirt covered everything except her shoulders and mid back. Charcoal stained his fingers... Continue Reading →

Crooked Kingdom 2.0

It comes out next month! I'm so excited even if I am betting on Wylan not making it out even though I love him.

Writing update

Alright, I know I've been silent for a while. It's mainly because of school, and I'm a high achiever, so I'm trying to do everything I can to not fail. On ┬áthe bright side, I've gotten very far in my... Continue Reading →

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