Rainy Nights and Dark Days

Hopes to be noticed as a writer

Writing update

Since school's out, I have much more time for this blog. Which means new snippets, requests may be opened, and a link to my new Tumblr blog. A snippet will be up tomorrow and criticism is always welcome and appreciated.


I know for a fact, I've been gone for a while, but I do have new content. Like my new Tumblr: Where I post snippets of my work, you can request prompts, and it's an easier platform.

Writing update

With my first book resting until I edit, I really want to start my retelling or something new. Anyone have ideas?

Writing update

Stained, Unbroken is finally finished! Well, the first draft anyway. I think this is the first time I've been excited to edit anything.

Writing update

So sorry for the silence. The good news is: I started my epilogue in my first book and passed 100 pages if you guys follow me on Twitter.  I have a lot to figure out once I finish and start... Continue Reading →

Writing update

I have a separate tumblr blog dedicated to my writing. You can follow if you want.


I'm extremely proud of myself right now.

Writing update

My sister gave me a different title for Stained, and I wanted to you guys' opinion.

Writing update

Had a dream about a new book: Little Red Riding Hood retelling. I can't start this one yet cause of my first two books, so holding onto it for now.

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